I loved this look so much its elegant and chic. Scroll down to get the idea of how to have this look!
First of all as usual you have to get your base ready! Put on your foundation,concealer and contour if you prefer to.
1- apply a gold shadow on your inner eye. Then get a brownish, chocolate shade and apply it on your upper eyelid. With your brush apply a dark grey or black shadow on your outer v moving towards your crease. 

2- This is a step by step picture on how to get the same wing eyeliner:

*Suggestions of best eyeliner brand : Lancome Artliner*

3- With your blusher brush apply a light maroon shade on your cheeks. Gently move your brush outwards to decrease the amount of heavy blush. ( its just for a little glow. do not put too much.)

4- Lastly, apply on a pink nudish lipstick. 
*Suggestions of best lipstick brand: MAC- Captive*

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