''Beauty Award Face Care"

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''AgeLOC future serum"               

*achieved a beauty award                                                          
- youthful looking skin                                                              
- anti-aging serum                                                                

 ''Blemish control apricot scrub''

* achieved a beauty award
 - cleanse out pores
 - helps stop breakouts

''Olay complete daily defense"                     


*achieved a beauty award                                                          
- all day moisturizer                                                                    
- sun screen SPF 30                              

 ''Dr.Dennis face mask"

 *achieved a beauty award
   - fights aging

''SkinCeuticals serum"            


*achieved a beauty award                                                     
- prevents the formation of acne                                              
- minimizes blemishes                                                              
- reduces signs of aging

 "SkinCeuticals lightening cream"

*achieved a beauty award
 - reduces stubborn discolorations
 - prevents re-occurrence



I loved this look so much its elegant and chic. Scroll down to get the idea of how to have this look!
First of all as usual you have to get your base ready! Put on your foundation,concealer and contour if you prefer to.
1- apply a gold shadow on your inner eye. Then get a brownish, chocolate shade and apply it on your upper eyelid. With your brush apply a dark grey or black shadow on your outer v moving towards your crease. 

2- This is a step by step picture on how to get the same wing eyeliner:

*Suggestions of best eyeliner brand : Lancome Artliner*

3- With your blusher brush apply a light maroon shade on your cheeks. Gently move your brush outwards to decrease the amount of heavy blush. ( its just for a little glow. do not put too much.)

4- Lastly, apply on a pink nudish lipstick. 
*Suggestions of best lipstick brand: MAC- Captive*


''Be Yourself''

Stop judging others! Many people are judging others on what they do and don't. Think more about your self than thinking of others. No one knows whats inside a person. Some bad looking people own a great personality and some good looking people are the opposite. Everyone makes mistakes. We all have moments that we regret doing. Stop talking to others about a person you have nothing to do with. No one has the wright to judge! YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND YOU REPRESENT YOU!


"Confidence is sexy!''

Sofia Vergara a successful actress, an inspiration  and a confidence sexy lady. This quote was said by Sofia, which is a motivation to those ladies all around the world. No matter how FAT or THIN you are, beauty is the inside part and not the appearance. Many ladies suffer from OBESITY and ANOREXIA, We are all here to stand tall in helping those beautiful women and teenage girls to face their own fear towards their body and outlook. YOU!YES YOU! YOUR BEAUTIFUL OBESE AND ANOREXIC, BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF!


''Scrub and Rub''

A mix to create a scrub that will reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretchmarks and will soften your skin. The ingredients you will need: olive oil, brown sugar, coffee grounds and (coconut oil optional).
In a bowl (observational) mix a fair amount of olive oil, brown sugar, coffee grounds and (coconut oil optional). After mixing the ingredients well start applying on your skin and rub in a circular motion for five minutes. keep repeating the process before having a shower ( Do not try this before bedtime. Coffee contains caffeine which will keep you awake). 

''Most wanted luxury items''


Most wanted January 2015 luxury brand items are the Hermes handbags mostly the ostrich leather and the Valentino pointed heels. Some are not fans of Hermes and Valentino. Therefore, they purchase the second famous items such as Prada colorful slippers and Christian Dior croc leather handbags. 


This is the Bootea detox. The product was experimented by me for 28 days. There are good and bad sides of the product. The good is that it tries to clean your stomach in a way by getting rid of undigested waste. The bad side of the product is the taste and it makes hard stomach pain.I recommend this product for people who are fit and want to get rid of stomach blow. ( This is my own review. I am not sponsored or paid in any way.) You could give it a try, you won't regret it even if there were no results!